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Short Fic Recs

Short, sweet and to-the-point

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Sick of 20-chapter WIPs that never end? Or simply don't have time to read novel-length epic fics like you used to?

This community exists simply to rec short fics - for those of us who need a quick fandom fix. Please join and help us - (well, mainly me, your friendly community owner, _xehra) - in our quest for good, short fanfiction.

So just how long is "short"? For our purposes, it will be defined as a fic that can reasonably be read in one sitting. Personally, I would generally place the upper limit at about 2500-3000 words, but that's really only a guideline :)

Rec anything you like - any fandom, any rating, any pairing, any genre - just as long as it's short - and be sure to post the rating and where we can find it.

Now get reccing. Shoo.